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  • Nintendo Switch Joy Con joystick replacement repair tool kit works for Left or Right joy con joystick
  • Replaces your broken, worn-out, insensitive or drift analog joystick. Perfect solution to bring your controller back to life!
  • Easy installation, it comes with precise screwdrivers and repair tool kits, and equipped with 4 non-slip functional colorful thumbstick caps and play for as long as you can without slipping
  • Complete Repair Kit Joy-Con Opener & Spudger are include! Also a suitable tweezers is used to help plug the Joystic cable into the socket. 4 extra Y1.5 screws prevent you from damaging or losing original screws.
  • NOTE: We are endeavour to provide first class services and products, if parcel arrived broken&missing parts&items not working well, please contact us we would arrange refund&replacement. Please calibrate the joystick using Nintendo switch setting after installation if it drifts.

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